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Meet Maiven: your personal, virtual, AI-powered energy advisor.

We make it easy to find the best (and often free!) home energy solutions that help you save you money, time and the planet.

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–What We Do–

Your Unbiased Energy Assistant

Skip the (expensive) guesswork. Let Maiven, powered by AI, analyze your home’s energy profile, evaluate the best options, and deliver a customized plan that optimizes for savings for you and the planet.

Identify Your Best Energy Options, Effortlessly

Today there are countless energy choices, Maiven sorts through them all, identifying the top options for your home. We crunch the numbers on cost and carbon savings for each choice, making it easy for you to act on what matters most: saving money, saving the planet, or both.

Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Spam

Use Maiven's marketplace to access all incentives with just one click or request quotes from vetted contractors without sharing personal contact details. We make energy upgrades a hassle-free experience.

Small Changes with Outsized Savings

Saving money and energy at home doesn't have to drain your wallet. Explore numerous simple and affordable methods that offer substantial benefits for both your budget and the environment.

–How it Works–

Maiven Can Help You Whether You Rent or Own Your Home


Virtual Energy Assessment

Our AI-enabled app makes it easy to conduct your own virtual energy assessment - in less than 30 minutes, for free, and without a salesperson in your home.


Energy Options Analyzer

The assessment creates a customized energy model of your home. The model is used to identify and calculate the benefits of all available energy solutions, products, and incentives available in your area.


Tailored Energy Roadmap

Receive a customized energy roadmap, specifically calculated for your home. The plan makes it easy to compare options and move forward confidently with choices that align with your priorities.


Maiven Marketplace

We vet and approve all products and service providers in our marketplace, allowing you to confidently move forward.  Enroll in free programs, request bids from contractors or energy product vendors.

-Who We Serve-

Ensuring an Equitable Energy Transition for All


Utilities, Government & Programs

Products & EPCs

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